Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ blur slowdowns.
Hello everyone!
First of all a huuuuuge compliment to the people working on this project, it's FANTASTIC. Keep up the good work!

Second, here comes the Q&A: I have a question relating KH2 Final Mix.
The only thing that bugs me is that during 'blurred' scenes, were I think overlayering of sorts happens, the game tends to slow down to 50-60%ish.
Examples: at the very beginning when views of Roxas's room change; Roxas falling down after tower cutscene; when Roxas wakes up the final day and 'changes' into Sora at a few moments; certain boss fight winning animations (but not the ye olde orb bug). It looks all 'pixelated' - and sloow.
I fiddled around with setting a bit and I thought I fixed that one, but narp, the slowdown still happens.

Anyone knows if there is something that 'fixes' that, or it's just such a CPU overload it will slowdown at such moments?

My rig: PCSX2 R1888, E8400, 4gb, 9800GT, Win7. Apart from those 'blurry' moments I have a sweet stable 60fps, CPU usage tops 18% (via gdsx meters).

Best regards,

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Do you have a screenshot of the part where the pixelation happens? Because I think the slow motion+blur that happens in some cutscenes and battle endings is part of the game. I get the same thing even on a PS2. (and you have a decent cpu and gpu so we can't blame it on your rig)

This just a guess but, are you playing in an internal resolution that isn't native? Maybe GSDX doesn't upscale the parts with slow mo blur, which is why it still looks pixelated compared to the rest of the upscaled scenes.
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+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
Thanks for the reply, here are the screenshots: "2" is normal game look, "1" is a 'transition' scene.
I passed the game fully on PS2 so yeah, I'm not talking about the 'built-in' motion-blurs at battle end etc. Smile
I don't play on native resolution though - but the pixelation is not a problem, it's the icky slowdowns, which happen during the forementioned 'transition' moments.
Oddly enough, sometimes those scenes go through with full speed, then again the same scene after re-loading does not.

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I see. I no longer have any ideas (i always play at native int res since my card slows down with anything higher than 800 x 800) so i guess I'll have to defer to some other forum regulars who have had experience similar to yours.

By any chance, are the slowdowns gone when you use native internal res? Maybe you get slowdowns because you're using uber high values like 2k x 2k+ (I've seen another forum poster use that internal res with no problems but he's using a more powerful rig, GT 2something and an i7.)

Other things you could try is to toggle/enable/experiment with "Allow 8 bit textures". I know from experience that i lose performance with it enabled on 3d games due to my relatively weak card (having it ticked places much more stress on the vidcard than the cpu and vice versa.

If you're using DX9 mode, you can untick Alpha Correction (FBA), which is the source of slowdown for games that has a lot of fb effects (particularly final fantasy magic spells). But you're using win7 so I assume that you're using DX10. Dx10 mode has fba on all the time.

Lastly, I have read from some other thread that some revisions of GSDx has a memory leak problem during lengthy playtimes, resulting in random slowdowns so maybe you could try another revision.


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[Image: 813647.png]
+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
Thanks again for the reply!

I play on 1152x864 with the same internal resolution - after a bit of tries it turned out to be the best res for fluent 60fps.
I fondled a bit with the options, but still no luck - on native resolution the slowdown is exactly the same. I keep testing it on Final Day when Roxas goes out of bed and changes a few times into Sora. At higher res, the slowdown is to 60%, at native res it's 60% as well, including all variety of options used. CPU usage goes from 15% to 45% at that moment. Using DX11, but tried with 9 and 10 as well.

Going to try to install different GFX drivers, cause if the CPU is not even half-used I'm guessing the GPU is slacking for some reason. Smile

@P.S. Good lord, that one made my day! Laugh
Both your problems are because of the same reason. The transition scenes are not actually 3D rendered scenes but videos (FMVs). That means they are played on the internal resolution of the game, not upscaled like 3D so it looks crap.
Also FMVs on PCSX2 require more processing power than actually rendered 3D (a paradox but this IS emulation). So I guess your slowdowns would be gone with a faster processor
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They're FMVs..?
They cetrainly don't look like it.. or rather seem pointless from the game makers point of view considering it's just two 3d scenes switching opacity. Normal FMVs play at full++ speed, same with joined FMV+3d scenes. Also the slowdown to 60ish% occurs when there is the death blur.
Point of my post was that I was just wondering if it was a issue easily solved or something, but as you said, this IS emulation so I'll just stop being bothered by those slowdowns - other then that the visuals on PC at higher res are sooo worth it. :]

EDIT: Yeah, the transition scenes at the beginning are a FMV indeed. The background becomes all blocky in those moments :3
Yeah it looks like it's some kind of pre-recorded scene or something. You'd never notice the gfx difference on the real PS2 since you would be already running at native res. You can try checking native in GSdx and see how similar those cutscenes look to actual gameplay
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok may be you help me to.
Main problem: FMV in KH Chain Of Memories US FREEZE at the end
I have: Windows 7 x64, intel corel duo 8400, 4g ram, geforce 8800GTS 512.
I use: PCSX2 0.9.6; PCSX2 Beta 1888 - try all plug-in.
Dont use any speed hack, try all mode in plugin setting - no results.
I CANT PASS FMV FREEZE in the end, somebody write that you cant pass it in pcsx 0.9.5 - i try everything - still freeze(
I know that you can skip freeze FMV - but in KH COH Riky mode - i cant complete game, because final video you cant skip, so cant receive all card in game+(
HOW to make freeze example: KH COM - theatre, choose 13 floor then FMV INTO OBLIVION - have fun) or grandia 3 Yuki first fly...
Be grateful for the answer.

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