Kingdom Hearts 2 FPS Drop when battling?
I always get these FPS Drops in KH2, when i open up my load file (btw im in the prologue, Where i have to fight in the Struggle contest). And whenever i start theres an FPS drop and the Audio sounds slowed down. I have a decent computer i don't know why it does this. Even when im in battles or facing a way i get some hard fps drops to like 30 or 40.

i just wanna enjoy this game lol.

I will include a video of when im in a battle.[/font]


Next Gen AMD Quad-Core A10-5700 Accelerated Processor 3.4 GHz

12GB Ram


^ I just noticed that once i face a certain part of Twilight Town. I tend to drop FPS. but when i look at the other way. It's Normal.

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Could you start by sharing your gsdx settings and if oyu have any speedhacks enabled, and also what plugins you are using please? Tongue
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Are you running the game from its disk or using an iso-image?

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