Kingdom Hearts 2 (FPS drops to 40fps when i begins to play)
The problem begins after all the intro cutscences plays finish and askes me to walk toward the armour shop using the character Roxas .

When the cutscences was playing , the FPS was 59~60

When the games askes me to walk towards the armour shop , the FPS drops to 40 ._.

is there anyway to make it a constant 59 to 60?

Here are my Configurations :
[Image: eeiopcrops.png][Image: gswindowcrops.png][Image: gamefixescrops.png][Image: gscrops.png][Image: speedhackscrops.png][Image: vuscrops.png][Image: configurationscrops.png][Image: gsdxconfigurationcrops.png]

This is my Computer specs (I am using Window XP) :
[Image: specscrops.png][Image: gpucrops.png]

Thanks in advance Laugh

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I suggest you get a real GPU.
That's exactly what is bottlenecking you here...
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your graphics card is very very weak for pcsx2.
better get one PCI-E capable video card(dedicated)
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I got a feelings that it would end up being the GPU's fault.... Well ok :o

@tallbender and jesalvein , is there any GPU u guys could recommend to me? i'm not familar with GPU or CPU .. sry ._.

Is there any other way to increase the FPS by a little at least now? just asking :o (will buy a new GPU soon )
VU cycle steal will help a bit but is likely to cause graphic issues and additional slowdown on it's own.

As for video cards, any mid-range modern video card will do. As with anything else, the more advanced the better, but you should be fine for 2-3x scale with any card in the $80-120 range.

An example of a good cheap graphics card

But really anything in the 4500/5500/6500 range for ATi or 240/330/430 range for Nvidia or greater should be good.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Oh ok Koji Smile Thanks for the help Laugh
If you can afford HD5770 or GTS 450, it would be alot better, the cheapest GTS 450 is only 110 bucks in newegg.
Eh , Just asking (could be off topic .. if so , i'm sorry) , Is there any other game i should be able to play? O_O
if possible can list me some interesting one? thanks ;s
Try maxing out all the slider speedhacks and disabling frame limiting.
Agreed with hallmark. However, even with those GPUs will not be suffice for the demanding games (ZOE, MGS, SoC, etc.) If you want to play at high resolution then you a need really good video card.

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