Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
Hello friends, I have a problem with this game is as follows: To unlock the fight against the Knight enigmatic need to save after the credits, I already finished the game with the emulator and excellent function, the problem is that after the credits screen the color is black and nothing happens is that I do not see the stats of my game or the option to save ... a solution? xD

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Please any solution? Sad Already tested with the plugins ZeroGS 0.97.1 and GSdx 1.14 Sad
oh wow, you waited a whole 78 minutes before bumping. Next time I warn you for spam.
When I beat it, I got the stats screen and saved, I don't know why you didn't. Unfortunately, you can't fight the ES until you complete the whole journal. You're much better off just getting a save file that has completed the journal from
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