Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix | Complete Widescreen Patch
Hello everyone, My name is Topaz M. Quartz, a mid-level modification creator for various games.

If you are here, then you are certainly interested in Kingdom Hearts Series. Now, as you can understand from the title itself, This is about a Widescreen Patch for the game's 3rd installment. 

But you ask: "Isn't there already a widescreen patch for this game?"

Well, yes. But like ALL widescreen patches, that only fixes the 3D aspect of the game, while 2D looks stretched as usual. While this patch takes one step further and fixes the 2D elementals as well. But remember that it is still in BETA. So it is not yet "Complete", but is still playable. 

Allow me to demonstrate the features: 
-Fixed the General HUD "HP Bars, Magic Bar, Drive Bar Text, etc."
-Fixed 3 Command Menus so Far "KH1, Hollow Bastion, Cavern of Remembrance"
-Fixed the Underworld Tournament Sign-Ups
-Fixed Jack Sparrow's Map.
-Fixed Terminal and Computer Access Menu "Hollow Bastion, Tron's World"
-Fixed the Information Bar alongside with all of the Item icons.
-TrueKH1 CM is now a thing. It uses the uitex.bin of KH1.5 ReMIX
-Main Menu is now fixed. Please let me know if there are any Game-Breaking bugs.

New  features will be added, with time. But for now, this is what has been done.

So, how does THIS patch work? It modifies the game ISO directly, so it is not a code (RAM Hack) but instead, a ROM Hack.

Now, before some screenshots and videos, Let me get into the credits: 

-Thanks to SusmitDS for inspiring me to do this patch. His HDfication was something revolutionary, and we all hope that he gets well soon.
-Thanks to VladVidya for his great help. He is the current developer of the HDfication mod. I hope that he succeeds with his mod and finally gets trough the obstacles that prevent him from doing more.
-Thanks to GovanifY, Xaddgx and Soraikosan for their advices and help to make this patch even better!
-Thanks to TheLegendOfKingDoify and Naru-Izanagi for their support.

Now then, before you all say "No pics, no clicks" Here are some screenshots that compares both without and with this patch. You can clearly see the difference. (Note that 3D is widescreen in BOTH the Screenshots) 

[Image: L2VdtCd.jpg]
[Image: 5ZSOozy.jpg]

[Image: kWRnpiA.jpg]
[Image: AAU9mYF.jpg]

[Image: xiIgSNg.png][Image: Mrl56fW.png]

Now, the video to show it in Action! (Yay. Finally ^^) :


If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the replying/comment section below.

EDIT: Rev7 is now out! Hardest update to bring, ever. (F**k you camp.2ld)

Have a nice day and happy emulating~

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Download link added to the topic.
BUMP! Rev7 is now out gamers! Download link and Video updated. Images will be updates to more *accurate* ones soon.
The link is dead
(08-06-2017, 06:15 PM)王别情 Wrote: The link is dead

The mod is abandoned. If an admin can lock/delete this post, it would be really appriciated.

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