Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix FULL Widescreen with Scaled Bars! Works 100% Check it out
Hello everyone Smile

I Posted this because its so IMPORTANT and i am new on this Forum
I Have Created a Video with Fully KH2 Final Mix Widescreen hack with Bars Fix and no Large Icons and stuff

I Just Uploaded my video Presentation today showing the Results Smile

Result 1 is not that big deal but 2 and 3 are the best that you can get Smile

If you Want CodeBreaker or any other cheat device i won't give any link to them because that will be Piracy. buy The Disc on any Website.

The Code will be in the Video Smile
[WARNING : The Full Code is not Fully MINE, Someone already did it in the Forum and he is the Original Owner but he Couldn't Get the Value of the Bars so i find the Value Tongue but only scalling not the (X,Y,Z).

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