Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + : Invisible Health Bar
Hello everyone,

I've quite an issue with the health bar in Kingdom Hearts 2 : Final Mix + : it doesn't want to appear.

I configured the emulator according to the guide and it still didn't worked.

Then, I searched on this site and saw two topics about the exact same problem : the solution was to enable the logarithmic-z. Thus, I enabled it, and, in fact, I tried even without it, with all the other configurations of the GsdX plugin, and I finally even tried all the graphic plugins I found.
It still didn't worked.

I had the same problem while using PCSX2 (svn) , PCSX2 (svn) and even with an old beta version I found on a forum.

I tested all the emulators likewise so I thought the problem might come from the .iso file. In fact, with an another one, it didn't work either.

At this point, I thought the solution might really be stupid, so I read the guide twice more to see that my configuration was apparently the best I could have. But even on a machine with the best graphic configuration possible, it failed once more.

So, I would really be grateful if someone found how to fix the problem.

Thanks even if you didn't succeed, because I must admit this is driving me insane.

I give you my first version of PCSX2, with which I first had this health bar problem.[attachment=30246]

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Well it works fine here(log z enabled)and I'm using pcsx2-r4827

There is actually problem with the log z and this game which is only fixed on DX10...with DX9 when log z is enabled,it fixes things but breaks other(and the other way around)
As said, Log Z fixes it in DX9 and works out of the box in DX10. Also removed the attachment, waste of server space the same file is in our download section.
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