Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Last Boss bug
Hey there, I don't know if this was already posted here or if it's the right place, it's my first post so sorry if it's not the right place but i need help badly!

I started to play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (downloaded ISO) and it worked very well.. untill i got to the last boss Xemnas, I defeated him and watched the last sequences(sorry if it's bad english I'm from Germany), but when the Last scene came where Riku Sora and Kairi read the letter of King Mickey there was just black screen after that. Usually I should get the battle report (and the secret movie?Yes I think on proud mode..) and they should ask me if i wanna save so I can defeat the other Data Organisation XIII members and so on.. but there's just a black screen.... has someone got the same problem ? Maybe the ISO is damaged? Or I can fix something in my configuration.. ? Cause i read about other people who had the same bug and they were playing this on Playstation 2 even not on emulator .. And the last sequence was a little bit laggy, that wasn't at the beginning just since a few days, the gameplay is very fine, the ending is laggy, the beginning too but just a bit and I can go on playing after the Opening.. but there were no lags in the opening when i just downloaded the game and started to play.. it's really confusing me and i really want to play the rest of the game i hope someone can help me ! thanks 4 every useful answer (:

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