Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix cheats loaded but not working.
Thanks for anyone who decided to check out this thread. Basically, I'm trying to live my childhood dream of playing through the entirety of KH2FM as DW Roxas. I've found the codebreaker codes, converted them in omnicovert and PCSX2CE, saved to PNACH, ensured that the codes are for the final mix version of the game and that the PNACH name matches my game's CRC. When I start up my game, I see that the cheats were found and loaded, but whenever I actually load up the game, I'm always still playing Sora. 

If anyone can help me figure out how to get the cheats working, I'd greatly appreciate it and/or would worship you for every time I see Roxas do that little spin animation with the keyblades. 


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