Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix graphical ghosts
I've been having weird ghost-y images pop up on the outsides of character models when the background is farther away. You can see it here around Sora's hair and clothing. Any way I can fix this?

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That is the cheap way of doing depth of field on the real PS2, but when using higher internal resolutions it can cause that effect. you can try enabling the skipdraw hardware hack in GSDX. but unless it really bugs you, I'd just ignore it as using skipdraw can (but doesn't always) remove effects from games
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The effect is still there on the HD remaster so there is no need or cause to worry or be too nitpicky about it
Had the same problem with star ocean 3 in some areas luckily im not picky about stuff like that. I mean come you could be playing on your old ps2 which looks like crap on hd tvs, but when you put pcsx2 on an hd tv it looks amazing!
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