Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + not running full speed most time
KH2FM+ is a game I really want to play, I would play it on my PS2 but it wont read any cds and the game doesnt work with hdloader. So Im trying to use PCSX2, and it runs good on several parts, full speed (60 fps.) But in some areas, it runs really slow.

[Image: 352ek52.jpg]

These are my PCSX2 settings:

[Image: 24ybus2.png]

CPU Info
Processor: AMD Anthlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.70GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250


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Can you put up your GSDX 10 Plugin. I've been trying to get KINgdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + To work also. If you gimme your GSDX 10 plugin i'll be able to help you if i get mine working at Full speed
If you can get rid of txture filtering. I got a major speed boost. Only do this if you dont rly care about graphics
The fact that the EE percentage is almost 100 in your screenshot shows that your CPU is limiting your framerate. You might want to try some speedhacks but I'm not sure which ones work well with this game - someone else is bound to know though. Another thing you can try is overclocking your CPU.

On another note, you can try using Open PS2 Loader instead of HDLoader to play the game on your PS2. It's supposed to have much higher compatibility.
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Shayanzas, I tried out the texture filtering. it didnt do anything. What do you mean by if I give you my GSDX 10 plugin? Sorry, Im a noob! Hah...

Anyways, if you meant take a picture here it is:

YukiS, thanks, I'll take a look at the EE thing, and if nothing works I'll try overclocking.
Oh, and thanks for the PS2 Loader, I'll try it out now!
use for start native ps2 res so you are sure you are not gpu limited, set both clamps to NONE and use superVU both will give some speed, AFTER that play with ALL speedhacks and find the ones that give actual speed (not only fps) and use them (the less the better)
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