Kingdom Hearts 2 [Fully Playable]
Kh 2 is now fully playable. Played it for 5 hours and no gray screen and no slowdowns and no crashes and 60fps all the time. Kh 2 is now PLAYABLE Laugh.

Config :

PCSX2 : PCSX2 Playground-vtlb-681

*Graphic :
*GSdx 864 (MSVC 15.00, SSSE3) 0.1.12

*Direct3D9 (Hardware)
*Pixel Shader 3.0
*1024 1024

*NLOOP Hack *grey*
*Texture filtering *black*
*Logarithimic Z *black*
*Alpha correction (FBA) *black*

*Sound :
*ZeroSPU 2 PG r563-Dev 0.46
*Time Scalling *Black*

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Good,post that along with some screenshots here:
That's why that thread is there for Tongue Closed
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