Kingdom Hearts 2 Lag
Hello, so I'm trying to play Kingdom Hearts 2.
As you can probably tell by the thread title, it lags.
I mostly get 40-50 FPS, but at CPU intensive places (like fighting, etc.) It drops down to 30.

Here are my specs:
GPU: GT240
CPU: Pentium D 2.8ghz
RAM: 4gb
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Now, I understand that my CPU is weak, so what may be the best emulation/bios settings to make it run at its best? (note, changing the res does not help at all, I have the same FPS from 640x480, and 1280x1024.)

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Your GPU were quite good, that's why you don't notice any difference when reduce/increase your resolution...


1. Enable speedhacks

2. Change EE/IOP and VU Clamp modes to "None"

3. Download latest PCSX2 SVN
or upgrade to a capable Core 2 Duo on the LGA775 socket
Addition to Squall's post:

Also, find the ones that clocked 3GHz or higher so at least you can play most of games that compatible with PCSX2 (excluding high resource demanding ones)...
E8400 bare minimum Laugh
Thanks for the help, but my MB is pretty ancient, so it can only run that pentium.
And my case is built especially for that mobo, so I guess its time to buy a new pc.

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