Kingdom Hearts 2[NTSC/US] Cheat List
So i was hacking around the other day and made this Cheat List with Cheat Engine. Hope some people have use for this.

Game: KH2 NTSC US.
PCSX2 Rev: 1888


Circle Shortcut Hack (*1)
Sora Armor Slot Modifier (*2)
Sora Accessory Slot Modifier (*2)
Exp Hack (*3)
Munny Hack
Sora Weapon Slot Modifier
Sora Ability Modifier (*4)
Room Modifier(*5)
Event Modifier(*5)
Normal Music Modifier(*6)
Battle Music Modifier(*6)
Difficulty/World battle LV Modifier(*7)
Character Modifier(*8)
Stat Modifier(*8)

*1 = Circle Shortcut is the thing when you Hold down your L1 button to switch over (usually) to your Spells/Items you assigned to Buttons X, Square, Triangle and Circle. Its mostly of no use, since most things are not working with that. But you could Use it for Quick Access to a Shop/Synthesizer, beware of Sudden Crash if you access a shop/synthesizer.

Synthesizer ID: 213
Shops: ~200-212

*2 = This Will Put any Desired Item (Check KH2Values.rtf) into Selected slot.
Note: If you put say a Detection Saber into Armor Slot 1, and then a Potion into Armor Slot 2, the Value in the Armor Slot 1 Will Change to a Weird Different One. Do not Worry, it is as intended, the Item will still be shown as you wanted it, meaning, put your Items from Up to Down (Slot 1,2,3)

Example, you can have 6x Save the Queen+ Equipped into your Armor and Accessory Slot. Practicaly never run out of Mana.

If you Wish to Attain the Item you just Hacked, just de-equip it as usually via Ingame Unequip.

*3 = Modifies your Maximum EXP. Put to 9999999 for LV99. Applies for ALL Characters.

*4 = Modifies Sora's Abilities, you can Start a New Game and Add bunch of Abilities as you Please. The CL Contains up to 10 Ability Slots, these can be increased by setting the Value of the Last Ability Slot Address to +2 (Example: 0388FF07, +2 would make it, 0388FF09, another +2 makes it 0388FF0B)

You may mention, as you add a Ability, and then Equip it, its Value changes into something like 32900ish. That is, because the 32768 value Stands for a "Equipped" Nothing, in other words, having a 32769 in your Item Slot, would set it to Auto-Reload of a Potion.

How to calculate what Ability i have in my Last Slot (Aka Last Obtained Ability):

(Last Visible Ability Value) - 32768 = Unequipped Ability

Sad Note: Form Abilities (Synch Blade, Brave Shot, Final Arcana etc.) dont work on normal Sora even if you have them Equipped Sad

*5 = Room & Event Modifier

Room Modifier allows you to jump to any desired world location, for that you look up the value of the desired place, input it in the Cheat Engine, freeze the Value, then just walk into some other room.
Very Important is that you might end up sometimes somewhere else like hanging around in the Air, so to prevent that Do a F1 Quick Save before Switching Rooms, if the problem persists, unfreeze the value, freeze it again, jump around a couple of times, and then try again.

Event Modifier triggers a Certain Event at the Room You Are Entering, as for exmaple you could Battle Saix in Sephiroth's Place or in Underdome.

*6 = Music Modifier is Self Explanatory, changes the Music when you switch Rooms. Requires you to Freeze Value,
The Normal Music will be used while NOT Battling Enemies, during a Scripted Battle Event ( Struggle Tournament ), and a Boss Battle.
The Battle Music will be used while Battling Normal Enemies (Heartless & Nobodies for exmaple)

*7 = This is a Noted Modifies the Difficulty Level of the Monsters in Certain Worlds. You'd have to Try around with that one. Do not forgt to quick save, to avoid unexpected things.

*8 = Character & Stat Modifier,

The Character Mod is a Bit Complex, because the First 2 Digits of the 2nd Character will be for Example the Last 2 Digits of the First Character,
that means if you have Sora as First Character (Normally the Case) it'll look something like 00000054 and Donald as 2nd Character, it would be like 5400005C, sorta like that, idk why it is so, it is simply.
As a Side Note, you could Change Sora's Value (0054) into (0055) to Attain for Example a Limitless Valor Form, you will Simply Always Run around with Valor Form, Prequisite is that you have gotten the Valor Form from the Fairies (or hacked the item via the item hack).
As a Funny Note, if you would set a Room Mod & Event Mod to Saix's Battle, and Replace the 2nd Character & 3rd Character with 2 Other Enemies/Bosses, you would battle Saix alone with no Donald&Goofy vs 2 Other Enemies you've Set.

Stat Modifier is self explanatory, modifies the Noted Stats for the Noted Characters (Yes it can Pimp a Boss).

If you got any problems running the hack, post, i'll try to help.

Edit: Updated the Hack to Correctly Show Slots and what not.
Edit2: Made an Ability Hack. Add Abilities From Up to Down. Also Updated KH2Values.rtf
Edit3: Major Hack Update, some Functions (No Character Drive & Play as DW Roxas are broken though)

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Problem with cheat lists in cheat engine for PCSX2 is after a few versions they may not work at all anymore :/

It's better to use the internal patching system for this kinds of cheats in that case.
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And this is the same for any other similar program to cheat engine but I think Art Money has something about this but I don't remember
ok,, but how to activate this cheat?
Explain like i`m a noob
(10-28-2009, 01:09 AM)Nevidimiq Wrote: ok,, but how to activate this cheat?
Explain like i`m a noob

You open up your Cheat Engine, open the Cheat List, make sure you are on PCSX2 Rev 1888 and have KH2 NTSC (USA). Target the Process with Cheat Engine (pcsx2), launch your KH2, start a new game/load a save.

Viola you'll see a bunch of Numbers now, the Exp and munny are selfexplanatory,

so say you wanna make yourself a new ability,

its best to understand if you open up a new game file, where you have nothing yet.

So you opened up a new game, you advanced until the Station of Awakening part, sofar you should have as a Ability only the Aerial Recovery.
Look over into the Cheat List in Cheat Engine, Find Sora Ability Slot 1, it should say 158 (if you didnt equip Aerial Recovery) or 32926 (if you did equip the Aerial Recovery).
Just for tests, de-equip it, and the Value in the Sora Ability Slot 1 should change form 32926 to 158.

So now you want to have Combo Plus for example, you go to the Sora Ability Slot 2 in Cheat List, and change the Value from 0 into a 162, now close your Menu ingame, and open it up again, now you will see a Combo Plus in your Ability Menu.

Same Works for Items, just look up a Value from the Document i attached together with the cheat list, choose a value, insert it, reopen the menu and you will see it.

Next time im going to include a Room and Event Modifier, aswell as Stat Modifier

(Proud Mode not enough? Jump to a Desired Boss, pimp it super high up, and get your fun)
Hack Updated.


Room Modifier(*5)
Event Modifier(*5)
Normal Music Modifier(*6)
Battle Music Modifier(*6)
Difficulty/World battle LV Modifier(*7)
Character Modifier(*8)
Stat Modifier(*8)
For some reason i can't get these to work i have r1888 and kingdom hearts (NTSC) (US)..

I'm thinking it is one of three things my pnach file for kingdom hearts 2
i have settings wrong for pcsx2
Or i have a different version of pcsx2 r1888

Any help would be nice thanks..
does this work on 0.9.8 r4600? if not where can i find some cheats/hacks?
Sorry, i was not bored enough to update that.
I guess i could update it, if i'm asked to...

Could you please give me a few hints or maybe even a guide on how you found the character modifier codes? I am asking because I have the Kh2 FM+ edition of this game and your cheats don't work for this edition.

Thank you in advance

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