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Kingdom Hearts 2 - No Sound
Right in the middle of the openning movie, the sound just disappeared.... What to do?

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pcsx2 config please, sound plugins, speed hacks, cpu, advanced.
But the first, try using P.E.Op.S. SPU2 1.9.0, I play kingdom hearts II with this sound plugins and I don't get this error, I play the game with sound all the time.
Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks, that helped, but I can;t see my HP...
what GSplugin are you using? GSdx, ZeroGS or ZZogl? I think that you are using GSdx, if you have installed windows vista, and you have a graphic card with directX10 suport, then use direct3D10 with gsdx, it will fix that bug, but if you are using windows XP or your graphic card don't support DirectX10, then use Direct3D9 (Hardware) and enable only "Texture filtering" and "Logarithmic Z", it will fix the bug.
Sorry for my bad english.

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