Kingdom Hearts 2 [PAL] Full Playable ?
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Hi guys,

maybe you think not a again a noob question but i must get out PLEASE fix ALL the errors in the game a make it playable tell me what how i can help you with because this ist a wounder full work you guys made a i appreaciate this really and PLEASE fix the grey screens and the slow down when attacks with keyblade and sorry if i blame you with that but im a KH player and this a ver cool game and on the emu would be GREAT to play to the end WITHOUT any problems PLEASE AND I NKOW IM NOT ALONE WITH THIS message AND thanks for all you work and may god bless you and your work to make the emu full able to emulate the Greatly and possibly best console on this planet THANkS and sorry for my bad english PEASE with you ..........GREAT WORK

Adrian the long tester with 5 years testtime Laugh

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KH2 (KH2FM+ too^^) is really a good game. But the grey screens is a knowing problem, so it is very difficult to fix that.
And the slow speed by 'some' situations in the game makes the feeling that you can not play through this game.
But someone told me that he played through the whole game on PCSX2.

And I have beaten Sephiroth one times with grey screen Laugh(he had 15 % of his HP by grey screen)

PS: you can solve grey screens manually:
by grey screen press esc, then save manually with PCSX2, then close PCSX2 (important), then start PCSX2 load the gamesave by PCSX2, not by the memory card.

So I think there is only one problem: very slow speed by 'some' situaltions
gray screen and slownes bug are fixed in the latest rev 662
It seems that it works.
thank you very much! PCSX2 pg develop team
Hmm... any links to compiled version? Smile
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hi guys,

WHAT? it works where i can download the newest COMPILED VERSION? I t seems that my please was appreacciate GREAT WORK TEAM !!! But is that true? hmm......????? I dont know but IF would be that wuld be nice anyway THANKS TEAM

I compiled the new version myself.
It is true, see:
Oohh finally !! You guys made my day, thanks so much Kingdom Hearts 2 works perfectly now for me I just compiled the last rev 666, and with the gamefix there are no longer slowdowns (on the savepoints; when we get the sort of bubbles off the died monsters; etc) and no more grey screen !! I've got a constant 60fps, that simply rocks Smile

You're on fire !! Laugh Keep it up, you have really made huge improvements since in the last two months ! Tongue2

Another awesome game working, thanks again ! ^^
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anyone cares to share the new build 666 with the rest of the herd
(silly how the mark of th beast is the sweetest build of pcsx2 ever )
Go pcsx2 team and playground crew
dudes.... this might be for a different thread at another time but......

compile? new version? kingdom hearts 2 working? how?
i'm still running basic playground (i guess) so it sounds like i'm missing a trick here........

any help/links/encouragement/advice is greatly appreciated!

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