Kingdom Hearts 2 [PAL-G] Blur/Ghosting
Hello dear PCSX2-Team,

i may have found an issue in the affected game that occurs in some cases and seems to be broken in both software and hardware mode.

Game: Kingdom Hearts 2 [PAL-G] (SLES_542.33 / CRC = C398F477) and maybe the other regions, too
First affected PCSX2-Version: any PCSX2-Version
Last working PCSX2-Version: none yet

Left image: Software mode
Middle image: Upscaled hardware mode (looks almost the same with each setting - broken?)
Right image: Upscaled hardware mode (how it should possibly look like - messed around with skipdraw, but it only looks fine in this sequence)

I hope someone knows more about this. Laugh

Quick edit: Added a Single Frame GS-Dump:

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