Kingdom Hearts 2 Question
Hey, just wondering if these specs are capable of running KH2 at a decent framerate (never drops below about 30-40) I'm not expecting them to after looking at the recommended specs, but I thought I might as well find out before I do the whole process of getting the BIOS etc..

And before anyone tells me to use the search box, I already tried and found nothing.

AMD Athlon Dual Core 2.6GHz 5000+
4GB ram
Radeon HD 4800 Series (I think it's a Radeon HD 4870)
Windows 7 32bit

Not sure if any other specs are relevant.


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Kingdom hearts 2 is one of the few 3d games that can run on "relatively" low spec machines, id say it will run decent enough on your specs, with speed hacks of course
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