Kingdom Hearts 2 Shadow/Texture issue ZeroGS
If you look at the picture in my attachments, you can see I have a shadow problem in KH2. I use ZeroGS since it has a much greater speed in KH2 than GSDX for me. Everything works perfect except for the fact that on ZeroGS, I get this shadow issue. I used to have this issue on GDSX when I set a custom resolution. ZeroGS only lets me have an option of resolutions, I can't set my own. Is there anyway to fix this? Perhaps setting the game to native resolution (Even though I don't think ZeroGS will let me). Please help me.
My ZeroGS settings. Btw, no matter what I set my Resolution or Anti Aliasing to, it still gives me the problem.

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zerogs is an old plugin, and AFAIK, dev has been stopped.
Better use latest pcsx2 beta, btw
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Use of ZeroGS is nonsense, it have a ton of issues, and nobody would fix them. This "shadow" issue is an effect of AA. Set it to 1 (it's equivalent of Native resolution).

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