Kingdom Hearts 2 Spinning
Hello, I've really been enjoying PSCX2 but I've ran into a problem
I played kingdom hearts 2 with my ps3 controller and it ran great some frame rate issues but nothing major. So I saved in game and used "save state" feature. When I boot the game back up the camera is rotating around the main character all weird. I can fight it but using the analog sticks but it keeps going, it happens when I load from save state and in game.

Hopefully a solution can be found my ps2 diedSad

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just load from a normal save file from your mem card and hopefully this will be fixed.
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Sadly no luck.
I'm getting very frustrated, it was working perfect before I saved and quit
Check if the analog stick that moves the camera is still calibrated, you can change the sensitivity for the stick in lilypad if you want too.
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ok great I'll give it a try

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