Kingdom Hearts 2 doesnt run on v0.9.7?
Hi there, so i have the US version of Kingdom Hearts to (should be) and also according to your compatibility it should work fine with the new beta version.
But when i try it out, it seesm that the bios cant read the .iso, i get every time to the memory card menu...

So I tried it with the stable v0.9.6 and it works fine! Now i have fully configured the beta and already deleted my configs of the 0.9.6 version...does anybody have an idea whats causing the problem that he cant read the dvd (i used the same plugins with the same settings on both versions (i believe only the pad and the graphics plugin are newer versions))?

So I'm configuring now v0.9.6, I hope somebody has an idea Smile

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Misconfigured CDVD. I'll just quote myself and save the time from retyping the same stuff over and over:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
im sure i didnt mount it any elsewhere. but i guess my fault was that i did the full boot, not the fast, because if i do the fast boot it works! thx for the help Laugh

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