Kingdom Hearts 2 fully playable(start to finish)?
Hey guys,

First off huge thanks to the pcsx2 team! It is great to play my ps2 games on my cpu where there is better detail and greater customization.

I loaded up Kingdom Hearts 2 and it is beautiful! running without a hitch frameratewise and I'm really pleased with it. My big worry is that this game is 40-50 hours long and I would hate to start if there is a known game-breaking error that wont let me get past a certain part.

The compatibility list has it working perfectly for the "U" version and I'm using the NTSC version that I ripped from my own personal copy. Is that fine as well?

Has anyone finished the game in its entirety through pcsx2?

Thanks for the help in advance!

I'm using the latest 0.97 build posted at this moment

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it is playable and can be finish
i finished 1 time and now playing in Hero mode.
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awesome! thanks for sharing that, ill start on my playthrough now without worry.
kh2 will run full speed on any pc that is around 2.2 dual core. I have been playing through it a few times no problems so far (not beat it yet due to harddrive malfunction erasing all my data, so I can't say front to back, YET)
Is there a certain configuration in the emulator to use to run KH2 at full speed? I have an AMD Athlon II X2 processor (which I know supports full speed by reading the appropriate thread) and a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics card (which I don't know is optimal for full speed).

When I run KH2 the FMVs run smoothly and VERY fast but when it comes to gameplay I'm averaging 60-65% framerate which is TOO slow. Any suggestions?
Are you using speedhacks? x2EE works wonders for me--it bumps my speed straight up to 60fps.
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics card <-- this is your limiting factor and the reason cutscenes run at full speed (since they don't render anything they need pure CPU power and none from the GPU) while gameplay is sluggish. Your best bet is checking 'Native' in GSdx. That will lower quality but should give you more speed
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I'm busy doing the 1 that and simply magnificent and have turned to perfection seems that pcsx2 has done was for this game Wub
I drop calls lucifer and that I find hard .. especially since I just do not turn around
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Well I checked 'Native' and set the speedhack to x2EE but the best it does is around 35 frames. I'm supposing the graphics card just isn't powerful enough. Any recommendations for an optimal and cost-efficient card?
Many recommendations but it will depend on your budget.
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