Kingdom Hearts 2 issues
Windows Vista home premium 34bit
intel core2 quad 2.4ghz
4gb ram
Nvidia GEforce 9600 GT 1gb

and if it matters a Viewsonic 24 inch full hd monitor

okay so when i first installed pcsx 2 the only settings i changed from the defaults was the graphics settings from DX9 hardware to DX10 hardware. left everything else as defaults, started the game and it went to the menu and worked etc so i thought "great, it works"

then i went and changed the resolution and aspect ratio, and enabled the v sync and started the game again, i get no error reports from the emulator and a black window

any help would be greatly appreciated, i need to beat the tar out of slimy black things with a giant key before my head explodes.

oh and if it matters im using US bios and an NTSC game

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so did you change these settings back again?

v-sync is something that gives me alot of input lag, and my machine has higher specs. so you might not want to bother with it.
yeah, i did a complete reinstall and tried it from default settings again and no dice
and what version of pcsx do you have? 1888? or something else?
the latest one 0.9.6
That's technically not the latest version, that's the latest "stable" release. For the most part, the officially released betas are stable and include a lot of speed ups and compatibility improvements. You should download Beta revision 1888 from the download section.
[Image: 2748844.png]
i just did and tried it, it reported 3 missing .dll files and kept having cd and audio plugin errors
Update to the latest DirectX (august update I believe) and the VC10 redistribution.
[Image: 2748844.png]
okay i did that and it still says that 3 dll files are missing on the beta emulator, also the cd plugin isnt working at all.

it worked once on the latest full release, and iv changed all the settings back to what they were. what else can i do?
Well the 0.9.6 release shouldnt need extra dlls other than the directx ones and the cdvd plugins should work normally, try getting this installers and update your system with them but if you still have trouble with the emulator I'd suggest you backup your bios redownload the 0.9.6 installer from the main pcsx2 site and start over in another directory.
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