Kingdom Hearts 2 "white areas"
Hey guys.. well i don't know how i can explain my problem.. so one image tells more than 1000 words...

[Image: problemba.png]

so as you can see, there are some really annoying white areas...
the game runs really great with fullspeed... but this graphic bug is so damn ugly...

i'm playing the german version of KH2, so it's PAL...

video plugin: gsdx 3693 (MSVC 15.00 SSSE3) 0.1.16, renderer: direct3d10(hardware) interlacing: blend bff

well i use my own resolution: 2048x1536 (much better graphic)

i have a ati hd4850

does anybody know what will fix this ugly bug?

sry for my bad english

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ah i just find something out... i must change the commando menu to kingdom hearts 1... Laugh
use a newer version

...that issue is alpha related though.....
thats odd
i am playing kh2 and its perfect

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