Kingdom Hearts 60 fps patches
I heard that the patches has some issues with gravity'physics and some effects that are still rendered at 30 fps

Has it been fixed yet? if not, how much it hurts the game experience (assuming my PC is capable of full 60 fps at all time)?

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Why don't you just try? If anything annoys you you can just disable the hack.
(I haven't and wouldn't use the hack btw.)
I haven't tried KH1 or Re:COM with the patch yet.

But I did mostly beat KH2 Final Mix using the 60fps hack. I came across one point that I was forced to disable the hack, there's a minigame in Beast's Castle where you have to light a bunch of lanterns to progress. It's a timed event and the hack messes with the timer. I was unable to complete the minigame due to not having enough time and was only able to pass it after disabling the hack for that particular segment.

I didn't visit the Atlantica world, but I heard there may be similar timing issues with the rhythm minigames there. It isn't a required world and I skipped it (not a fan of it). The rest of the game I had no trouble beating normally, on critical mode no less (including some of the hard data bosses). Outside of the timed events I mentioned having issues, the rest of the game felt no different from normal. Same speed and timing in combat and no trouble with platforming or anything, even reaction commands worked as intended.

Unrelated to PCSX2, but I also beat BBS on PPSSPP with the 60fps hack. Can't recall having issues with it.
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I think the atlantica issue is still valid and in KH1 you can not skip it. So you need to disable the hack. But that just takes seconds...
But I think that jumping or gliding also had some issues. As I said I wouldn't use it. You need a very strong cpu and probably the ee overclocking build of blyss sarania to get something close to real 60fps. I would still say it is a ps2 game and can run at 30fps without problems. It's still called nostalgia.

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