Kingdom Hearts Boss Crashes Simple Fix
I figured out the real issue guys. It's when your character gets "stuck" being moved by one of the enemies, aka Huge God Damn Bosses. I noticed this when I get under Cerberus and Meleficent's chest area. Game just straight crashes. Also on top of Rock Titan when he is fully standing up and I'm still on top of him. Just avoid these things by rolling off Titan and not going underneath these guys. As for Chernabog, after he blows you away just keep your distant and finish him off with magic. Don't worry about a time limit, it doesn't exist. No need to change PCSX2 settings or anything, I did this with all default VU's and other settings after many of tests. Also, I constantly reload savestates and it has never affected my game. Just finished Hades Cup time trial and no other problems. Hope more people see this.

Note: the Behemoth crashes too when I'm still on top of him while his giant ball of death finishes charging, just roll off him before the animation is done. Or at least just don't get stuck in between his horn and neck area.

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