Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Help
Ninja Hello,Ninja

I recently downloaded and fixed to the best of my ability, the pcsx2 emulator; I tried to run "KH Chain of memories", but no such luck. I was wondering....does/did anybody fix the no video output issue. The game will load to the PLAYSTATION 2 logo, then no video, BUT THERE IS SOUND and I can here the option change when I move the (what I believe to be) the menu cursor.

I have used both Pcsx2 0.9.4 Watermoose as well as Pcsx2 playground (beta) Revision: 30 Playground emulators of pcsx2. (Unless there is a better version I don't know about, which I would love to know about!!!!!) Can anyone help me with this issue, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!Biggrin

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Have you tried 0.9.6?
(07-16-2009, 06:46 AM)nasageek Wrote: Have you tried 0.9.6?

Is it available for mac? If so, do you know the link....I can't find it. LoL

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