Kingdom Hearts EXP cheat (for 0F6B6315)
Hello everyone, I managed to get cheats finally working, only to figure out that it didn't do exactly what i wwnted it to do. I was using the normal Quick EXP gain cheat and it shoots the level up towards lvl 40 or so. I was wondering if anyone knew of another exp cheat that allows sora and company to lvl up one at a time or not 40 lvls at once.

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First thing look in the console log what the CRC is of the game it would look something like CRC=0xABCDEF12 < example. Take the letter-number combination after 0x and search for KH Cheats in the lower right corner of this thread:
Yeah its the same pnach file that I already have. The EXP cheat there bumps you up to lvl 40, which makes the game pretty boring. I was hoping for an experience multiplier cheat or something so I can control my leveling easier so it won't shoot up so high after just one enemy kill. Is it possible to create your own cheats?
The same thread should have a tutorial how to find/make your own cheat pnachs Smile
This site have crazy amount of codes for all KH games so maybe you will find what you are looking for(and maybe more)

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