Kingdom Hearts "Error Loading C:\path\filename etc
Error Loading C:Users\(my name/path here).iso

Error Opening CDVD plugin
More screenies.

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We dont support piracy here, we can see it clearly. Please read the rules of the forum.
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Actually, all of my .ROM, .ISO. and other Snes/Sega games are in one giant folder for ease of use. lol Want a screenie of me with my K.H. case?
I hardly think the name of my folder is any concern, as it is not pirated.
#4 should I move the game to a different folder to get support?
I in no way supported, mentioned, or otherwise referenced piracy in any way, shape or form. The name of the folder in which I choose to keep my games is not proof, mention, nor promotion thereof.

I would still like to get some sort of support for this game, as I have read and complied with the rules of the forums.
So you somehow chose to name your folder the exact way some pirate group named their release? Sure we only revoke support if solid proof is found but do not take us for morons too,it is more than obvious that you have pirated those games.
Thus no support will be given,for all we know it could be some crap releases causing your problems.
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