Kingdom Hearts Error after starting a new game
Whenever I startup Kingdom Hearts it runs fine at the menu but when a choose to start a new game the screen becomes black and hangs for 2 minutes or so, then an error appear in the console (or whatever).

<EE> Tlb Miss, addr=0xd19b5c00 [store]
<EE> PC: 0x00f23da0 Cycle: 0x615a546f

My Plugins are:

GSdx 0.1.15
SPU2-X 1.3.0
Lilypad 0.10.0
cdvdGigaherz 0.8.0

Any help would be appreciated.

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what pcsx2 you are using??
it does appear you are using the old pcsx2 version TLB(non-VM) build that suppose to be not support here anymore.
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I'm using the latest beta from the website (r1888)
That looks like the normal "oops something went wrong, stopping emulation" message. What settings? running from ISO or the Original Disc?
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I'm running it off the original disc which is in horrible condition.

As for the settings, the graphics are in DX10 (Hardware) with default settings except it is in native resolution. All default for Sound and CPU and no speedhacks are enabled.
Use imgburn to try and create an iso of your disc. If that fails (due to your disc's condition), then you know what's up.
I tried creating an image from the disc but that failedAngry. I'll try it on my friends disc.

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