Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Widescreen Cheat
Alright, I'm a newcomer to PCSX2, and for some reason, after I used this patch to patch my version of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the widescreen fix is no longer working. However, the widescreen fix for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (In Japanese) does work.
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but if someone could lead me in the right direction, that would be pretty nice.
Also, if you're having the same problem, share.
Thanks guys.

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Here's more info on the subject.
Final Mix (English Patched)
Cheat Error:
Final Mix (Japanese, patch not applied)
Cheat Error:

As you can see, the widescreen cheat doesn't work in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix when it's patched.
a translation patch tends to change the game CRC.
chnage your .pnach's filename to match your new CRC and it should be ok
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I'll add that updated CRC to the archive.
I'm actually rather curious as to how that English patch works out for you. I never did it to my own copy of FM because of the warning in the thread about it causing crashes. Would you mind reporting back once you've played through most of the game? Smile
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How would I find the CRC?
Ah, thanks guys.
I found it.

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