Kingdom Hearts Freezes
Hello everyone. This is my first time with PCSX2 and I am loving it so far! I am a rather newbie, but I have been playing a lot with the settings yesterday and today so I've gotten the hang of the terms and stuff. But anyway, no matter what I do Kingdom Hearts always freezes in the beginning of the game where you are on the Aurora glass floor thing when you are surrounded by the heartless that jump onto you.

I somehow got past the initial freeze, but a few seconds after it freezes again. Then I was able to run around without it freezing, but once I attack, it freezes. Then I was able to attack and run around for a little bit until it freezes again. I had to restart it from the beginning each time. Sometimes I used the save states no luck either. Everything works perfectly until this part of the game.

So for my specs:

Dell Laptop
Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz
3.00 GB RAM
32-bit OS

And for my settings/plugins:

PCSX2 (I've also tried 0.9.8, no luck)
Disabled Speedhacks
For GameFixes, I enable OPH Flag Hack (but I tried disabling it, no luck)
Direct3D10 SSSE3 (I've tried SSE2 as well)
Default Audio
Default Controller

And I think that's all the info. If I am missing anything please tell me. I really hope I can get past this freeze. Thank you so much for your time! Laugh

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Oh my goshhhh!! It works now!! I just enabled the preset to 3 and it doesn't freeze! Awesommeeee. Well I guess this board is closed now. Smile Hopefully if someone else has this problem he or she will be able to use this setting. Laugh Happy emulating everyone!

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