Kingdom Hearts : Freezes after the first boss
I have little problem with my Kingdom Hearts running on pcsx2. The games run fine (60 fps ) but my problem is that after the first boss . My game won't continue and stay on this cinematic . I let it an entire night but it stays on this cinematic. I ripped my game a second time and it continue to do that. If someone know how to fix this it will be cool Laugh
And btw, is it good to fix the framelimit for a PAL game to 60 fps? Or i must let it to 50 ?
[Image: 3CFMN.jpg]

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Pal games stay only at 50 & ntsc games stay at 60 fps
no need to change anything
u'll get full speed whether it's pal or ntsc Smile
For kingdom hearts problem any non-default settings u using ?
Upload here & also u'r emulog.txt
Ok , i'll set my fps to default so Smile
Because i set my PAL FPS limit to 60 Smile
I didn't touch the settings but i downloaded a preconfigured PCSX2. And all i did is to set the emulation settings on the "balanced" preset and i used a SSE2 graphic driver.
I hosted my emulog.txt on tinypaste because it'll too long on the post Smile
C:\Users\Nassim\Desktop\Pcsx2 1.1.0 rev 5648 [KingTodd]\memcards\Mcd001.ps2

why u ppl not understanding ?
Who is this KingTodd ?
U'll not get any support for unofficial version of pcsx2
First download official version from here >>

Then ask for support !!
It's an official version. It's just that this guy preconfigured the official pcsx2. He just put the bios and configured the paths with the original pcsx2 and packaged it. Nothing more Smile
that's bios piracy, then.
closed & warned
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