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I'm not new to emus, but i'm new to PCSX2. I got the emu (the new beta, 0.9.7) and set everything up following the instructions and started playing Kingdom Hearts 1. It ran perfect, kinda slow so i used speedhacks to fix it. I didn't really want to use skill, whatever don't hate, so i decided to use cheats. I looked that up to see how they worked, and turns out it was a helluva lot more complicated than some emus. I spent a couple hours trying to get two cheats to work, infinite mp and hp. after about 2 hours I finally got them both working, set up fine, used omniconvert, got the right settings, put the cheats in the .pnach file, right slus, right everything, cuz it worked.

Some time during Agrabah, I decided to use alladin to get the chests. Since switching him into the party things have been all sorts of ***** up. I'm not sure what happened, but when i put him in the party my cheats grew faulty. I didn't have infinite MP, but health seemed to work. After messing around a bit, I got the cheat back up, after putting alladin away and saying screw the chests. Since that point, every once in a while the game's cheats would like stop working in a certain room and I'd have to avoid that room. I got all the way to the next boss, dealing with this, and then i found out the room the boss is in does the same thing. So i went to change the .pnach, thinking something was wrong with it. I did, and went back in game. I had health stretching all the way across the screen, but it kept depleting, and my magic was down to 2 bars and was not infinite. Ever since then I have not been able to get the right configuration, so here's what i'm asking

Can someone tell me the exact thing to put in the 0F6B6315.pnach file to get infinite mp and hp in Kingdom hearts 1? Or is it that the save file is actually corrupt and cheats won't ever work and I have to start again from the beggining? I hope it's not that last part. Please help!

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Still looking for a solution. Anyone have anything? Anything at all?
seriously? No one's gonna help?
I really need help
100 views and not a single person knows what to do? I just want cheats for my game, is that too hard to ask for?
Ok... stop bumping your thread, nobody is paid to help you, maybe the people who can help is busy... and you bumping your thread so many times in so little time just makes you a spammer.

Consider this a warning and a free bump but if you keep it up the thread will just be closed...
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