Kingdom Hearts II Triangle Problem
Hi everyone! Before i started i apologize for my english..  Wacko
I have a problem with the button "triangle" in KHII, it's used to talk with the NPC and open menu but when i want open the menu it doesn't works, instead when i talk with the NPC it works.. it's seems that the string "menu" doesn't exist.. someone with my same problem? help me 

lilypad settings are perfect 

The dialogs aren't the problem, they even works, but when i want to open the menu with the triangle, it never works.

The start button pause the game, don't open the menu, the triangle button does. See in the pic below 

(my picture) Button Start
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=58283]     
This is the menu that i want but the triangle don't give me.. 

(pic take from the internet) Button Triangle
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=58282]   

Some users said that i can post the emuLog.txt so they can find (i hope) the problem..
Do i send all the emuLog in screenshoots or only a part of it?

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good luck
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