Kingdom Hearts Intro Bug, and Sloppy letters
hi i'm new to this forum and am very curious on how to fix my current issue with kingdom hearts.

im using an ASUS g73 laptop which has an HD5870 and core i7 720qm

GPU: gsdx 3693 (SSE4)
AUDIO: SPU2-X r3702m 1.4.0
CD: Linuz ISO CDDVD 0.9.0

when i start a new game of kingdom hearts i get these weird white things on the top( it should be black like in every cutscene), and also the subtitles has these weird vertical black lines and it just bugs me

I posted screenshots of my problems below
Borderline movie intro bug

Blurry Text

OH one more question, is there a way to stop the shaking of the screen without pressing f5 everytime?

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1) Can be solved using the GSdx (software) renderer or simply pressing the F9 key while the movie is playing to switch between hardware/software.
2) I don't see a problem with the second pic but it's probably a glitch caused by using high resolution, the game was designed for a specific resolution and might cause glitches like that when not using the "native" resolution checkbox in GSdx.
3) Just keep it enabled, choose a interlacing method in GSdx.
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