Kingdom Hearts Issue
Hello there,

After few hours of searching in a complete frustration for an answer, this is my last resort. Everything is fine, I can freely start new game, no issues at all but with one exception that is just one step from driving me completely insane... that would be D-Pad and Left Analog Stick.

As many of you know Kingdom Hearts has a small menu on the left side of the screen, I'd love to make it work like it originally did, D-Pad for Menu usage only and Left Analog Stick for Movement only. How it works right now is quite annoying, I can walk with both D-Pad and Stick and on top of that both of them move the menu options. During my research I stumbled across a comment that activating analog button on the controller itself will fix the issue, for me it only stops D-Pad (I cannot move or even scroll the menu) and the Analog is still moving both.

I've been google'ing this issue for few hours and checked anything that could possibly be related to it, all in vain. You guys are my last chance, please help.

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stop asking support for downloaded games, please.
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