Kingdom Hearts PAL seems slow altough max FPS
Hi guys, I recently tried out PCSX2 again on my new rig and wanted to play thorugh Kingdom Hearts 2 again.
The FPS is capped the whole time at 50 fps(when the FPS limiter is off I'll get to about 300fps) but the game seems so slow for 50 fps. It's almost like it shows me wrong numbers.
If I change the PAL framerate as set in the pcsx2 ini to 59.94 it becomes more acceptable but the dialogue is all messed up(most likely because the game wasn't meant to be run at such a high FPS)
I already disabled all Speedhacks, since I've read that it messes with the speed of a game.
Besides that it is really hard to get information on this topic, since most fps related threads are about low-end hardware.

My Specs:
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel [email protected]
Geforce GTX770

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Got wide screen hacks enabled? Maybe the 60 FPS patch is on making the game much harder to get full FPS
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