Kingdom Hearts Problems
Hey everyone! I'm new to PS2 emulation as well as Mac computers, so I have not much idea what I'm doing. Basically, I have some sound, graphical and interface problems with PCSX2 and KH. (I searched through the forums already for similar threads but didn't understand how to fix the issues I'm having).

Graphics: The image is sort of average, there are short vertical lines that pop up throughout the FMV scene at the start. Also, the colours are inverted in the FMV, but when I gain control of Sora, the colour reverts to normal.

Sound: There's no sound at all. I tried changing the SPU plugin and I press the "Apply" or "OK" button and it saves the settings, but then I have to re-open PCSX2 and it reverts back to the original SPU plugin (in other words, I can't change my plugins).

I don't know what info you guys need if you want to help me. Please just let me know.

My Details:
Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, Version 10.8.2
Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory, 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics, Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB

Version for Mac.
PAD: OnePad
SPU2: SPU2null (also have ZeroSPU2 Playground, but I can't change because it won't let me)
CDVD: Linuz

Please let me know if I can fix this or if I can give you any more information. Thanks. Biggrin

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The MAC version isn't fully compatible with all games yet unfortunately but it is still being improved so don't worry it will be fixedBiggrin

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