Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories save issue
Ok so, after playing through all of KH1 on PCSX2 without issue decided to start up a RE:CoM playthrough. The game runs perfectly fine, problem is for some reason it refuses to save at save points. In game it only gives a failed to save message, When trying to format the card in game it only says it failed to format it as well.

Went back into KH1 to see if it was still saving and loading fine and it was. Also tried it with several memcard files. Lastly, (FileMcd) Warning: writing to uncleared data. comes up in the console window when trying to save. Don't know if thats helpful at all, but yeah.

If anyone would know how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated

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create and format an 8MB memcard i nthe memcard manager

....however i don't have problems saving to a 32MB card myself
Tried that before and it still came up with the same error. Tried with the different card sizes and those didn't work either.
Maybe I didn't understand something from your post but did you tried this:
1.Config=>Memory Cards=>Select the first slot and eject the card=>Create=>8MB=>Ok
2.CDVD=>No Disk=>System=>Boot CDVD (Fast)=>Go to Browser and in the first card=>format the card=>close pcsx2
3.Download some random save compatible with your version and import it the the new card you created
4.Start the game=>start new game or load the save and try to save to the card(don't load save states)
It seems that worked. Thankyou very much

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