Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM Credits Freeze
I've been having some trouble with Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and was wondering if anybody else has run into and (hopefully) overcome the same problem I'm having. During my run of Re:Chain of Memories, I've had to pause all the FMV cutscenes, watch them on Youtube, then go back to the game and skip them because the audio runs slow and the video has to skip backwards to keep up. This suits me just fine, but the credits are an unskippable FMV cutscene. In Sora's story, this wasn't an issue, the game moved from the FMV to the Report screen with no difficulty. In Riku's story, however, the game locks up completely with a black screen at the end of the credits, preventing me from getting a Report screen or making a cleared save file. Has anyone had this problem and managed to get past it?

At this point, I have one idea: switching my audio plugin from P.E.Op.S. to SPU2-X. I haven't tried this yet because while the cutscenes seem to run properly with SPU2-X, the rest of the game has no sound whatsoever, and I'm not sure that I can beat Ansem and reach the credits without audio cues.

Now, I played the game using Beta 1888, which I know I'm not supposed to ask for any support on, so I ran the final battle again with 0.9.6 (as 0.9.7 inexplicably runs like molasses for me no matter what I do) with identical results.

Here's my information. Let me know if there's anything relevant missing.


[Image: th_PCSX2096.png]

And in case anyone is interested, 1888:

[Image: th_ReCoM.png]

Edit: Either there's a difference between 0.9.6 and 1888 or I was mistaken about SPU2-X. At the moment, the BGM seems to be the only sound missing. I think I got mixed up because hitting Esc while using P.E.Op.S. and then returning to the game via "Execute" causes total silence in this game, so that is an issue that exists, I just mixed up the causes. I'm going to try finishing the game using that plugin and I'll report back on my success or failure with it.

Edit x2: Nope, using 0.9.6 and switching to SPU2-X, I get the exact same thing. I didn't take note of my framerate using P.E.Op.S., but using SPU2-X, it drops to a steady 29.xx FPS (from the usual ~60) during the frozen black screen.

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I did not encounter any freezes in the game. I`ve beaten it twice on hardest level with both Sora and Riku and watched the staffroll. I remember using the latest beta with all plugins on default.
That did the trick. I had to beat Ansem at about 30 FPS (which was actually somewhat easier), but once the credits finished (running properly, I might add), the game didn't lock up. I'd still like it if I could fix the problem in 0.9.6, but I'm just happy to have my report screen and cleared save file.

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