Kingdom Hearts Scene stop after gaurd armor boss in traverse town
Hi, my game keeps stopping during the dialog screen with yuffie sora and leon with Leon's mouth moving and no chat bubble but with the sentence "Look, a star's goin' out." said by goofy earlier in the i notice something is wrong when the scene before that with the main bad guys are all talking in the evil round table room and Hook says something about sora, donald and goofy and the Boogy man makes fun of Hook but the last sentence of what hook says stays on the screen as if it forze there but all of the rest of the dialog keeps flowing until Maleficents last line at the end of the scene which has no audio and subtitle just video with her mouth i dont know if this makes any sense ive seen alot of threads with stops and freezes like this but none after the traverse guard armor boss so please help me if you can thanks :]

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Post your full PC specifications, PCSX2 version, settings and plugins used. Also make sure you are not loading a saved state but load normally from a memory card save
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