Kingdom Hearts Settings Help!
First off before I go over my problems ETC I will post my PC system stats:

- Windows 7 Ultimate
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+ 1.90 GHz
- 2048 MB RAM (That's a little low, but I run most new PC games perfect)
- 32 Bit OS
- NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT - 1266 MB Integrated RAMDAC (60 Hz)
- I am also running the newest version of Game Booster.

I know that's not the best PC ever, but I run most games great! (PC Games) I have never fully got any EMU over a Nintendo 64 and PSX(1) to work perfect. I know not all PS2 games run well, but Kingdom Hearts is one that I know runs pretty good for decent PC/Plugins. Here are my current stats for the plugins (Sound plugins are default seeing as I have no sound issues until the game its self starts to lag in larger zones. I usually average around 30-40 FPS. Which makes proud mode pretty hard to play with the lag. All movies and scenes are perfect like 60+ FPS.

So here are my stats and my questions.

- Is there anything better I can use besides updating my PCs hardware to make this run any better than it is for me?


[Image: PCSX2.png]

Everything under Config > Emulation Settings is default. I'm afraid to mess with those stats.. I'm fairly sure that's where my problem probably lies. Thanks for any help! I searched through the older post but none of them seemed to do any help seeing as most were pretty old post. Thanks!

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Sorry for what's about to be an unhelpful post, but your processor is very slow, only 1GB of RAM above what Windows itself requires and you have an integrated graphics card. I've only recently upgraded my PC from a Sempron 1.8GHz with 1.5GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon X1300, so I'm not being snobby when I say that. When you say it can run most PC games well, I get the feeling we're not talking about stuff like The Witcher 2? My old PC could do stuff like Half Life 2 surprisingly well but almost died when trying to emulate Persona 4, which looks like ***** by comparison.
o.O my card isn't integrated, its a GeForce 9600 VGA Card with over 1G RAM on the card alone.
Grand Theft Auto 4, FFXI, Dead Space 2, etc those games run 100% flawless.
Ah, sorry. I scanned over it and just saw "Integrated". My mistake. The other things are true, though. Well for one thing, turn off "allow 8-bit textures". I have to admit I don't know exactly what that means, but I know it screwed up performance on the couple of games I put it on for.
Thanks will try that now. All my other issues are probably gonna be things that need adjusted in the Emulation Settings under Config.. I'm just so afraid to mess with it, because there are SO MANY settings.
Also this is off topic, and it has had me wondering for awhile.. Should the game ISO's be on my C Drive? I'm using them on my Backup HD connected through a weak "front of the PC" USB drive. I have no idea if this could effect the games run speed or not. Also when I run the ISO should I use "Full" or "Fast" when I start running the game.
an AMD [email protected] is outside the recommended pcsx2 requirements don't expect miracles on it...may suggest oversouling your PC e.g.: OCing the CPU,set power settings to "High performance",enabled [Recommended] tag speed hacks and set GSdx to native.
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Changed the power settings to Max. I was already on Native with GSdx. Speed hacks helped abit, now i'm around 42 FPS. What about the other settings under "Emulation Settings" though, like "EE/IOP", "VUs" and "GS".
For being "affraid" of PCSX2 options, understanding them is the easiest way - official guide available in english and quite a few translations.

Putting iso on usb connected hdd/flash drive shouldn't really be any problem, unless you have some general usb speed issues on your system. Most of the time DVD speed is just enough, the problem in using discs to play is couse it's often stopped when game doesn't need it and have some spin-up time which generates delays/freezes, soo the speed of the reading data by usb hdd doesn't really matter, except of using fast CDVD speedhack, but that one breakes/glitches many games and isn't recommended anyway.

And to add to what was already noticed, Athlon 64 is really slow in PCSX2, it's 1.9ghz doesn't even get close to Athlon II 1.9ghz in case of PCSX2, it can get around 30% slower, and AII is also slower than new intel cpu's which are generally recommended for pcsx2 when talking about ghz it needs;]. Don't expect to get full speed in games, maybe some like Disgaea could work at full speed, but that's an ultra light 2D game. You can only try setting SuperVU and applying some speedhacks to gain a few fps, but it'll not really allow you to emulate most games in any enjoyable speed. Setting native res in GSdx options is probably a must for 3D games on your GPU too, soo expect hardcore pixels(like in original ps2).

Edit: and for your 42 fps after using speedhacks, unless it's a really non demanding scene you're trying on, it can be false. Especially VU cycle stealing can give a false fps reading, soo while using speedhacks, more that looking on FPS, move a bit and see if the speed really increased, couse most of the time when you use too much speedhacks, with fps increase you actually can get a noticeable slowdown.
Also, putting the speed hack sliders into 1 and 2 (left and right respectively) seems to be an effective thing for me so far. The bandwidth of a USB connection is incredibly fast, something like 60 megabytes a second, and that's just USB 2.0. I don't know if there's another factor, but it should be fine. The "Full" and "Fast" start-ups are simply, as far as I know, just choosing whether to go through the initial PS2 screens before getting to the game screens, so with .hack//GU it goes straight to the NAMCO screen rather than doing the generic PS2 start-up stuff first. And I've just noticed what your wallpaper is, by the way - El Psy Congroo.
<3 Steins Gate! Yes its improved to the point of the real PS2 game now. But I just now got Donald and Goofy as I am typing this so it slowed it back down more. But its also for the first 3 man boss fight. The usual zones seemed to run 100% perfect though now with just Sora. Gonna try sliding it like he said now. Will update further.

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