Kingdom Hearts Sound Lag
So i just got Pcsx2 up and running with all of the new plugins and everything, i really only got this so i could play Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 and right now im currently trying to play kingdom hearts1. the textures are all fixed but it seems that the sound is like 1 or 2 seconds behind the video. Everything is responsive except the sound. someone please help me!!!!!

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also the starting sequence is all screwy (not the just the cut scene, i know that thats unavoidable) but the part when you can first run around, surfaces just disappear and some text just doesnt even show up...... are their certain hacks that i have to run besides the kingdom hearts specific one and the no logrithmic z one?
I had that problem initially too. What I decided to do is slow the game down to the normal speed in the Config=>Cpu (the default settings I believe speed it up somewhat), and then I got the ZeroSPU2 Config and only checked "Time Scaling" and "Real Time Mode".

And the graphics issue may be because of the kind of graphics plugin you have? I found that ZZ Olg PG 0.1.0 works pretty well for Kingdom Hearts 1. Really depends on your graphics card tho.

Hope this helps Smile
You should set noLogz in the graphics plugins option(the very last option in the list) to fix the texture problems

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