Kingdom Hearts Xbox 360 Controller Problems
I just finished getting the Original Kingdom Hearts but I'm having problems with my Xbox 360 Controller. this is the only game I have for the pcsx2 so far so I don't know if it's just this game or not but after I set up the controls, when I go to the actual game, every button works fine but the analog stick will only let me go diagonally from the top left to the bottom right. It is not letting me move in any other direction.

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Get the latest PCSX2 from here and configure your Lilypad and check the XInput, and Moniter when in Background.
And then re-configure your Lilypad Pad1 properly.

Make sure to have DPAD, Left/Right Analog Sticks etc. configured there. Smile
It may be best to stick with the current stable release (0.9.8 r4600) if you're still figuring things out. SVNs may come with additional benefits, but also more potential issues.

@ recoder:
Please stop pointing everyone to SVNs (especially when not regarding thier issue).
no, its really not good to stick with the release rev if playing KH/KH2

theres a sif bug ref fixed recently which resolves a freeze issue and of course, the spu2x v2
I figured out my problem. Even though I set up the Lilypad right, my default controller was not set to use the Lilypad. I fixed it now and am playing all my RPG's. Laugh

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