Kingdom Hearts and PCSX2 (combinate: select + left analogic)
Hi ppl.
This is my first post in this forum. I've a problem when i am playing in this game. I just begin to play Kingdom hearts in PCSX2 (very good, fast fast).

You can see my problem in this capture:

I need combinate: SELECT + LEFT ANALOGIC. When i press select + left analogic (in my keyboard because i configured lilypad on my keyboard; i havent joystick) it dont happen nothing. I cant play then... i cant avance of this point.

Any help?

I'm spanish and my english is bad.

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Algunas combinaciones de botones no funcionan correctamente. Tales como la barra espaciadora y las teclas de flecha. Si usted está sosteniendo la barra espaciadora, la tecla de flecha hacia la izquierda no funciona, sino que el resto. Es muy extraño. Pruebe con diferentes ajustes de botón y ver si puedes conseguir más allá de la parte al hacerlo.
So, but it do it, I can not keep playing? Is there another plugin for this? Try to combine more keys.

Ehr... when you're in that screen you're supposed to continue the dialog with the "X" button, then when the dialog is over press "select" once (don't need to keep it pressed) then you can move the camera with the keys you assigned to the analog stick and that's it.
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Much thanks shadow lady i can play now.


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