Kingdom Hearts audio/video issues

I'm sort of new to the emulator thing but I have a technical background so I'm pretty accustom to the various protocols and whatnot. Anyway, I am currently using the Pcsx2 emulator to play Kingdom Hearts. At the beginning of the game, the intro played flawlessly, as well as the beginning fight with the giant black being. Although, when I got to the cut-screen, the audio feed began to slow down and become choppy. The same thing happened with the FPS.

I tried to tweak the configuration settings a bit, my configurations are in the attachments.
Here are my system specifications:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (3 Ghz) E8400
Memory: 4.00 GB (2.96 usable)
Graphics: Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family; 1.3GB video RAM; Hardware T&L; Pixel Shader Version 4.0; Vertex Shader version 4.0
OS: Windows 7 ultimate x86
DirectX version: 10.0

It seems as though the frame rates and audio feeds are fluctuating a bit. The FPS will slowdown to 18-20 and then the audio feed slows down concurrently with the descending frame rates. Then the frame rates and audio feed speed up to normal, go over the normal rate, and slow down again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need any other information, please let me know! Smile

Thank you all!


P.S. I also wanted to know if using Pcsx2 on a 64 bit system would be advisable. Thank you!

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PCSX2 only runs in 32-bit but it doesn't matter whether you run it on either operating system. That said, it runs perfectly fine on 64-bit operating systems as well.

Without looking at a single other thing, I can 100% guarantee you your problem is with your video. You need some sort of real video card to get good results with this emulator. You may be able to improve performance by enabling native res in the graphics option, but it will be a temporary measure at best since a lot of games will simply run very poorly.

Your best bet would be to look into a fairly cheap add-on card. There are many now within the 50-100 USD price area that will be more than adequate for most games at decent resolutions.
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Well, I remember someone telling something about having to do with the CPU once. Like, if I had a more powerful CPU, it would be less choppy.
Your CPU is beyond good enough for kingdom hearts 2, and is good enough for most PS2 games. Your integrated graphics, however, are what's killing your performance. Your CPU is basically sitting idle while your onboard graphics slowly turn out the video and that's why it's so slow. Setting to native res in graphics will help since your graphics won't have to put out at a higher resolution. You can also try enabling frame skip under the CPU options, though that itself could add some more graphical issues.
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I tried the enabling the native resolution, and it's still about the same. Sad
Wow you're really wasting that processing power with that onboard intel graphics chip. I suggest to get a real graphics card as Koji said, even a cheap one like a 9600gt will get you WAY better performance in PCSX2 (and just about every modern PC game anyway)
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yeah, and be sure to get some card that runs DX10, i heard they gives significant speed boost..since ur CPU also supports SSE 4.1, use the DX10 SSE 4.1 GSDX when u got ur card, i believe you could play full speed by then
i am currently using a laptop with p8400(2.26Ghz) and a 9600M GT, and can run FF X with near full speed without using CPU cycle graphic card also play a major role for the emu, ur cpu is way faster then mine, just get a graphic card and u will be enjoying full speed(hopefully)
I know that I need a new graphics card...but I only have a x1 PCI e slot. I've been looking everywhere for good ones...but I can't find any! Does anyone know where I could find one?
You'll never find anything great for a 1x PCI-e slot... but anything you put in there will STILL beat the crap out of that onboard...

If PCI-e isn't best suited for you, even a normal PCI slot card would be better (an nvidia 9400 for example). While definitely far from great, it would at least let you play games in native resolution without slowdown for the most part.
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