Kingdom Hearts gameshark codes. HELP
Hia how do i get gameshark codes to work??? cuz i want to use some for kingdom hearts and i input the codes and all and when i load the game it doesnt load it freezes straight up as soon as i say exucte. I dont know if im using the right codes. Please help me =)

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Use Run CD/DVD instead. Also post your pnach file in [code] tag so I can exam it. You most likely didn't convert to RAW.
i just imput the gamesharks i got off a website.. pnach file... i dont exactly use em... Sad maybe thats why??
I dont know how to make pnach files ive seen some guide they dont make sence.. everyone i make seems to crash the game instantly.
since it's a PC and not a real console gamesharks.
try Cheat Engine
e.g. 1 hit hack.
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ahhh i didnt think of cheat engine =P im good with cheat engine. And heres my pnach i made..

comment=Inf mon, Exp,Speed
gametitle=Kingdom Hearts II.

These are the only game sharks that worked out 100 that i tried.

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