Kingdom Hearts hangs
Well I'm playing KH (the first one) and the game runs perfecty at 60FPS at all times and after trying the new speedhacks at the new r1888 beta emu the cutscenes work almost with out a problem
but after I beat the boss at Tarzan's world and after all the cutscenes the game just hangs when they speak with the comic-like bubbles and I can't continue the game the only thing I can do is pause it and un-pause it
I tried GSdx 1873 SSSE3 0.1.15 and ZeroGS 0.97.1 and it still happens
I tried to use the 0.9.6 emulator and it still hangs
my specs are:
thanks in advance

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What's the rest of pcsx2 settings? tried without speedhacks? running from ISO or disc? does it show any kind of error in the pcsx2 console window?
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Do a search next time.
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(11-05-2009, 10:03 AM)Bositman Wrote: Do a search next time.

I did ran a search, but I didn't found that topic
anyway thank you. I'll try it and hops it will work
Edit: Well at first it didn't work but then I disable all the speedhacks and then it did work =]
so first of all thnk you
and secundly can you recomend me what speedhacks I should enable so that the game will run on 60FPS constant and with no problems during cutscenes?
because without speedhacks the game some times drop to 45~50FPS and that sucks...

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