Kingdom Hearts help?
So im stuck between a rock and a hard place and need help. Basically I want to play kingdom hearts 1&2 on the emulator because they are childhood favorites that I could never forget. But when a cut scene appears, the two spots that should be black bars, looks like the title screen is in those areas and "corrupted". Im pretty sure other people have reported this problem and while im able to fix this by simply changing the render mode to software instead of hardware, the game looks so much better with the native multiplier on the hardware option. Whereas with the software render it looks like im playing the game on a GBA *hint hint chain of memories, etc* and the only better thing is the black bars are black bars and text is smoothed out a lot more. Is there not a way to combine the two render options so that you can use the software render and at the same time multiply the native resolution? Cause if you can then that would knock out all the problems! If not then is there a way to get rid of the corrupted black bars when using the hardware option? Perhaps other plugins I could use? Hacks? Anything! I just really wanna relive the beautiful moments T-T

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you could use the automatic switch to software mode when an FMV occurs hackfix...
of simply press F9 twice when an FMV starts
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